How Kourtney Kardashian Once Again Proved She’s Travis Barker’s Biggest Fan – E! Online

Although, a source close to Kourtney and Scott told E! News things have been “tense” between the exes as he spends more time in Miami and she gets more serious about Travis. And while Kourtney and Scott “aren’t fighting by any means,” the insider continued, “their relationship has changed.” 

“Scott will always be in Kourtney’s life, it’s just a different dynamic right now….He doesn’t want to interfere with her relationship,” the source continued. “They do connect about the kids often, but that’s about the extent of it currently.”

Kourtney did attend Scott’s birthday party last week. However, a source close to the Poosh founder suggested she and his girlfriend, Amelia Gray Hamlin, didn’t talk much at the get-together. 

“Kourtney is cordial but barely spoke to her,” the insider added. “There’s no bad blood, but they just kept to themselves at the party. Kourtney doesn’t mind having her around, she’s just not looking to get close with her. She’s very happy for Scott and wants him to be happy. Kourtney is very enthralled in her own relationship right now and wants the best for Scott so he stays on track.”

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