There’s a Reason Why You’ve Been Seeing Notte Jewelry’s 2000s-Inspired Pieces Everywhere

In case you haven’t noticed, 2000s jewelry is back and better than ever. One such designer making her mark in the nostalgic jewelry field is Jessica Tse of Notte Jewelry. (Fun fact: Jessica was a former accessories trend director before starting her jewelry line!) We spoke with the designer of the dreamy brand that will make you feel like it’s 2003 again with its bright and whimsical designs.

When asked about where she looks for inspiration, Jessica told POPSUGAR, “2000s inspired accounts on Instagram, old movies, and music videos are my go-to [sources of] inspiration.” One thing we love about the brand is that so many of the pieces can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content. “I love multi-purpose pieces like earrings that you can wear as a pendant and vice versa. We did a couple of styles like that; we called it ‘Necklacearring,'” Jessica told us.

Keep scrolling to read more about the brand and shop some of our favorite selections.

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