Please Indulge Us by Looking at These Celebrities Wearing Velour Tracksuits in the Early 2000s

Remember when celebrities couldn’t get enough of velour tracksuits? Well, the revival of “Bennifer” took us down a rabbit hole, looking back at all the times A-listers couldn’t stop wearing their cozy sweatsuits in public. In fact, they didn’t just wear them while running errands, but even to red carpet events. (Jennifer Lopez certainly loved her Juicy tracksuits while dating Ben Affleck back in 2003!) At the time, you couldn’t turn your head or pick up a magazine without seeing someone famous in one of these colorful tracksuits. Yes, we’re looking at you, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Kim Kardashian.

We’ve even seen a resurgence of the trend this past year, including sets with bedazzled words written across the backside. One of our favorite nostalgic looks has to be from Lindsay, who wore hers on the red carpet with flip-flops, no less! Ahead, please indulge us and take a look back at these memorable sweatsuit moments.

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