The Highly Specific Summer Trend I See Everywhere and Am Oddly Obsessed With

You know when you see a piece that gets your attention—whether it’s part of a trend or something more specific such as a buzzy new Zara top—and then suddenly feel like you’re seeing it everywhere? Well, whether you can relate or not, let’s just say that’s precisely what I’m currently experiencing with patchwork jackets, which, as a result, are the topic of today’s post. After I saw one in an actual store window last month and started thinking that I really should add one to my wardrobe, it quickly became apparent that they’re not so hard to come by, as they happen to be quite trendy right now along with all things patchwork.   

What I love about the light layer (besides the fact that, according to the runways, it’s also poised to continue trending for fall/winter 2021) is that it can really work for any style. Whether you’re a vintage lover, are into all things new and luxe, or are on a never-ending quest to emulate the newly popularized Gen Z aesthetic, somehow, there’s a patchwork jacket that will work for you. To see and shop 21 options I’m loving and, of course, get a little styling inspo along the way, just keep scrolling. 

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