Dawson’s Creek Writer Heidi Ferrer Dead at 50 After Battle With Long Haul COVID-19 – E! Online

Nick said he will keep her blog live “forever” as a “living document of who she was and what she believed in.” 

Heidi moved from Kansas to Los Angeles in the 1980s to pursue her acting passion at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, before joining the Writers Guild of America more than 20 years ago, per Variety.

On Girl to Mom, Heidi described herself as “a writer, a mama and a sober recovery teacher/mentor.” She offered sobriety tips through her course, The RecovHer Freedom Breakthrough, and her RecovHer YouTube Channel. “Onward to freedom,” she wrote.

She last shared an update on her health in January, writing, “I’m cautiously optimistic that I’m still improving slowly but surely every month. I had over 40 scary and even crippling Long Covid symptoms in July. Now I’m down to a few frustrating ones, but sooo much better. I have better, very good days and a few bad days here and there.”

About 10 months into her diagnosis, she said, “I’m feeling more of a lightness of spirit, lately.”

She reflected on how Taylor Swift‘s music had been brightening her days. “I feel more of a sense of overall well-being. I even noticed I’m listening to happier music. Taylor Swift’s Cardigan got me through some hard evenings,” she said. “That beautifully heart-wrenching song about her mom battling cancer, ‘Soon You’ll Get Better’ was kinda my theme song.”

Heidi added, “Let’s hope these better days last and it’s all smooth sailing from here. Fingers crossed.”

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