Kelly Dodd Breaks Her Silence On RHOC Exit With Shocking Leaked Texts From Braunwyn Windham-Burke – E! Online

Braunwyn exclusively shared her response to the Instagram post with E! News, citing that their text conversation was never meant to be made public.

“Kelly Dodd has an amazing way of taking reality and skewing to fit her needs,” Braunwyn’s message began. “I reached out to be kind, as it was a hard day on all of us—it’s never fun to be fired! However, Kelly Dodd’s myopic, self serving, and volatile world must be a hell of a fun place to live in for herself. I assume she will never stop accusing me of being a fake lesbian, while also hurling homophobic insults about me ‘eating fish,’ accusing me of being a fake alcoholic—while also knowing that I haven’t had a drink in 500 days—and accusing me of slandering her, when she does a good job of being an asshat all by herself. As I said in the part of the text she cut out, ‘I hope you have a beautiful life and I wish you well.'” 

It seems like there’s still more drama to be had, even if it’s outside of the RHOC cameras!

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