Celeb Stylists Reveal What to Wear Now That the World Is Finally Opening Up

If you’re anything like us, after a year-plus of the pandemic, you’ve probably forgotten how to dress. I mean, throwing on a sweater and leggings is certainly comfortable, but now that we can finally go to brunch and enjoy the sweltering summer heat safely, it’s probably time to kick things up a notch. (And we hate to break it to you, maybe put on a bra, too).

Still, isolation can be hard on anyone, and you’re probably looking for the best way to embrace fashion and look trendy yet still comfortable. Don’t stress, though. We asked some top celebrity stylists how they’re showing up to this new postpandemic world in style, and they have some great tips you’re going to want to add to your sartorial repertoire. Read on for their recommendations.

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