12 Killer Prime Day Sales You Can Score at Target, Walmart, and Other Competitors

The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals 2021 has to offer aren’t just on Amazon anymore. Since Amazon created this “shopping holiday,” a range of other retailers have started to offer discounts on their own stuff. This began with small efforts from big box retailers like Walmart and Target, but it’s since expanded considerably. The kind of glitzy startups who seem to make just as many Instagram ads as products—think Brooklinen—are now throwing their venture-funded hats into the ring. Not all of those discounts are any good, but after scanning through all of the available deals, but we’ve found a bunch of tech and home goods sales that are actually better than some of the ones on Amazon. Eat your heart out Jeff Bezos. 

For every other worthwhile deal we’ve found during the deals bonanza, head over to our massive list of the best Amazon Prime Day Deals 2021. We’ve also collected a list of non-Amazon deals on Menswear here

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