Botched Reveals Why You Should Never Hire a Plastic Surgeon From a Billboard Ad – E! Online

So many red flags.

In this exclusive clip from tonight’s June 22 episode of Botched, Sara details her nose job journey, which included a visit to a plastic surgeon that advertised his work on a billboard. Per the new patient, she suffered from a broken nose during a wrestling match in the third grade.

“I mean, I was little,” she shares with doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif. “I didn’t care about my appearance until I started using social media to meet people.”

As Sara notes, she had no trouble conversing with people, but found herself getting insecure when it was time to meet up. She adds, “I was like, ‘What are they going to say about my nose?'”

Thus, when she spotted a billboard for a plastic surgeon, she decided to book a consultation. However, Sara now realizes the billboard may’ve been a red flag about this surgeon.

“If your plastic surgeon is good, would he be advertising himself on a billboard?” Dr. Dubrow says to the Botched camera. “Got boobs? Got butts? Got liposuction? He don’t got patients.”

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