Why Ilana Glazer Says The Timing of Her Pregnancy Is an “Absurd Cosmic Joke” – E! Online

When Ilana Glazer set out to make the Hulu film False Positive in 2019, she never expected to be pregnant in two years time.

In fact, in an exclusive interview with E! News, she calls the situation an “absurd cosmic joke,” because the movie is a thriller about what it’s like to be pregnant as a woman in modern-day America. She remarks, “There were so many times [False Positive] was going to come out and the fact that it came out when I’m like not just pregnant but like, so visibly pregnant is so funny.”

But as Ilana points out, the movie is “more about the system” than what it’s like to actually be pregnant. In other words, the Broad City actress feels “very, very different” about the experience in comparison to her character Lucy, who is essentially gaslit and traumatized for the duration of the film.

False Positive centers on Lucy and husband Adrian Martin (Justin Theroux), who seek the help of fertility specialist Dr. Hindle (Pierce Brosnan). Dr. Hindle helps them conceive twins after months of trying, but Lucy begins to feel unsettled by the charming doctor and his almost robotic nurses.

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