Botched Tackles Body Dysmorphia and a Heartbreaking Nose Job – E! Online

Competition gone wrong. 

On tonight’s episode of Botched on June 22, Dr. Paul Nassif had to tackle the case of a champion wrestler whose nose has been a sore subject for years. Sara, a triplet, first broke her nose at age eight.

“I was always competing with my siblings, and to see my sister getting a whole bunch of attention and me not getting any attention, I think it had a huge impact on my self-esteem,” Sara confessed to the camera. 

Sara grew up wrestling in the boys’ division, and by 2003, brought home the title of National Champion. Yet, an accident during one competition in third grade led to her getting “cross-faced” and breaking her nose. “I didn’t care about my appearance until I started using social media to meet people,” Sara continued. “I quit wrestling because I resented it since it is what actually caused my nose to be broken.”

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