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UPDATE: Revisiting Murder House. On Wednesday, June 23, FX on Hulu released the first full-length teaser for American Horror Stories, and it has taken American Horror Story fans back to where the horror began. In the bone-chilling new tease, viewers follow a sinister Rubber Woman as she ventures into season one’s Murder House.

Monsters and mayhem quickly surface as a new message warns: “Fear takes new form [in] a twisted new anthology.” 

For the terrifying official teaser, check out the video below!


Horror comes home.

This was the very message highlighted in the new teaser pic for American Horror Story‘s spinoff series, titled American Horror Stories. Promising an “American Horror Summer” ahead of AH Stories‘ July 15 premiere on FX on Hulu, the new promotional image featured a key fixature American Horror Story fans know quite well. We’re, of course, talking about the season one’s terrifying location: Murder House.

Surrounded by dark clouds, crows and a blood red field, Murder House sits in the distance as a new Rubber Man, or rather Rubber Woman, looks on. So, how much of Murder House can we expect from the new spinoff? We aren’t necessarily sure.

As E! News readers may recall, AH Stories “is a weekly anthology series that will feature a different horror story each episode,” according to FX Chairman John Landgraf. Thus, Murder House may only return for one part of the new show.

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