This $9 Serum Has 9,800+ 5-Star Reviews on Amazon – E! Online

Why does everyone love this serum so much? Just check out some of these reviews:

“Simply awestruck! I’ve tried for years and countless face products, routines, medications, diets, and water consumption with Limited to NO results. I used this product for 3 DAYS!!!! And saw significant improvement to redness, blemishes, appearance of fine lines and acne scars and even the elasticity of my skin seems better. It’s now been two weeks and I’m in love.”

“This is truly a miracle product… As a woman in her 40s who has struggled with hormonal acne for 25+ years, large pores and skin texture issues… Literally within a couple of days there was a drastic difference. I spent $1400 on laser treatments that didn’t work as well as this did in just a few days.”

“This product has saved my skin tremendously!!!”

“I love this product!!! I have PCOS, acne, psoriasis, hyper pigmentation, and a ton of dark marks. I’m a dark complexion African American woman, and I’ve visited dermatologists who have given me many products to clear up my face. It was even suggested for me to use bleaching cream, but I do not want to get lighter, so I have refused to use it. I love my dark chocolate skin, but I do want the skin on my face to be even. This product is a miracle!!! My pores are almost non existent. If I have an outbreak of acne, it takes it away almost overnight. The scaling caused by the psoriasis on my face is gone. My face feels SO smooth!!! Also, my face is brighter!!! My tone is almost evened out!!! I used to wear make up to cover up my flaws, and now, I don’t need it.”

“I am blown away about how good it worked for the first two weeks! I’m in my mid-40s and I have oily skin. I had a stroke 4 years ago, and I take medication that causes acne. I’ve tried many cleaners, serums, lotions, creams, vitamins, meds, and lasers with no luck.”

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