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9 Lines “We’re Better Together” Sunglasses Campaign 2021 is a thoughtful amalgamation of strong headed women and the passion which drives them to be unstoppable. As the name suggests, empowered women empower women, together these six women from different walks of life come together to open dialogue about the stereotypes that women face in their everyday life, challenging age-old bias across cultures.

These styles never go out of fashion. In gradient acetates, tinted lenses and fresh colour palettes, these sunglasses go with everything.

These popular quirky cat-eye frames always come back each season. Whether you prefer a sharp point or rounded edges, keep these butterfly-shaped shades under your wing this summer.

Sleek and wraparound frames are perfectly molded for sport and fashion. Whether it’s a slick metallic shield or dramatic rims your summer is sure to be state of the art.

White frame sunglasses are on the horizon. You can go for chic oversized, retro frames or a unique sporty look- all these shades feel just right. The everyday silhouette gives a subtle nod to ’90s style without feeling overly trendy and strike the perfect balance between subtle cool and easy wearability.

New age aviator sunglasses have made a triumphant return the past few seasons and the iconic large frames once made for pilots are now beloved by all. This season’s iterations have been reworked and remade with thicker, substantial acetate frames instead of thin and fragile metal rims

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