Influencer Oli London Under Fire for Getting 18 Surgeries to Look Like BTS’ Jimin – E! Online

However, folks on the internet weren’t exactly over-the-moon for London’s “transformation.”

“The fact that they are acting like it’s genuine and that it’s part of a ‘journey’ due to […] ‘identity issues’ really irks me,” a non-binary Korean person said on Twitter. “It’s a mockery of trans people, it’s cultural appropriation.” 

“The fact that they took on the name Jimin, most likely without knowing any of the cultural significance behind the name, really makes me ill,” the user continued.

Replies to London’s tweet directly included comments such as: “You are not, nor will you ever be, Korean;” “I’d like to inform [you] Jimin does NOT (not) give a f*ck;” and “Sorry you have to change your body to feel loved and welcome but that doesn’t make you Korean.”

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