Gossip Girl’s Emily Alyn Lind Wore a Pantsuit to the Premiere, and Newsflash, So Did Blake Lively

Could it be simply coincidence that HBO Max Gossip Girl star Emily Alyn Lind arrived on the pink carpet in a pantsuit just like Blake Lively‘s 2007 premiere look? Sure. But we’re guessing that the budding style savant, who works with Elizabeth Saltzman on her wardrobe, scanned some old reference photos from the archives.

While Emily does seem to fancy an everyday pantsuit, this Gucci set, which was finished with a vest jacket and tie, feels more attention-grabbing than most. Lind stood tall in leather platform sandals and wore crystal embellished rings — one adorned with Gucci’s signature Gs — as she posed for photos with the rest of her bold and beautiful castmates. If you look back at Blake’s own elegant pantsuit, which came with tapered trousers and a blazer she left unbuttoned, there’s that similar air of casual-cool — and she even wore a chunky rhinestone ring on her right hand, much like Lind’s! Though Blake is more of a pumps queen, her lace heels were clearly just as confidence-boosting back in ’07.

Click through to compare both memorable fashion moments and decide for yourself whether this outfit move was intentional. Either way, we think Gossip Girl herself would simply have to take note and report back about it.

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