Psst: If You Don’t Want People to Know You’re Wearing False Lashes, Try These 10

I totally get it. “Natural-looking false eyelashes” could, if we nitpicked, be kind of an oxymoron. After all, most eyelashes on the market are anything but natural-looking, and even still, isn’t’ the whole point of adding falsies into your makeup mix to add a visible difference to what God actually gave you? Well, maybe, maybe not. Even though false eyelashes might seem like a more visible play compared to other products like mascara or lash primers, if you find the right pair (the word “right” being key here), your falsie game can look just as au natural as your go-to mascara or even lash extensions. Practice where application is concerned is equally important, but after you hone your technique and with the right tools, strips, and/or clusters at your fingertips, no one will know you’re wearing false eyelashes except you. Promise! 

With more and more brands launching each and every year and with already existing brands really upping the ante in terms of style, length, and color options, the sky’s the limit for Bambi-eyed lash goals. That said, since it can take a lot of time and effort to muddle through everything the Internet has to offer these days, I’m here to help by narrowing your options. Below, discover ten of the best natural-looking false eyelashes money can buy plus some handy tools and accessories that will maximize your grand flutter finale even further. Keep scrolling!

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