My Fashion-Obsessed BFF Combed Through My Summer Wardrobe—Here’s What’s Out

Working as a fashion editor requires complete submersion into the industry. From bubbling brands to emerging trends, you quite literally have to be in the know at any given moment. But when it comes to our own closets and personal tastes, it’s still possible to come out a bit clueless. It’s simple to like a trend from afar, but applying it to yourself is a wholly different matter. I’ve loved the low-rise, baggy denim look for a minute but have stubbornly clung to my tight, high-waisted kick flares too much to completely take the plunge.  To get a little third-party advice, I rang up one of my good friends to see which items in my closet I should finally let go of to give way for something new. With over 40k followers on Instagram and a feed full of visually stunning outfit shots, Nana Agyemang is one of the few people I know who is just about as equally fashion crazed as I am. After giving her a tour of my closet, she broke down the pieces I should consider adding to create some spice in my daily wardrobe and those that I should place on the back burner. Keep reading below to see all of her suggestions—you’ll probably want to make note of them, too.

Nana immediately noticed my forever-expanding collection of midi skirts and dresses. It’s a practical length, but she advised me to lay off buying them for a bit in favor of maxi skirts. “They’re saucy in a demure way,” she added.

I’m no stranger to a silk scarf (I have a handful of them to protect my hair against rough pillowcases at night), but I never really took them seriously as a style statement. After incorporating this printed one into her looks during a recent trip to Palm Springs, Nana convinced me to give them a go and to put my bucket hats on ice for now.

“They’re everywhere,” Nana told me about Jordan 1s. If social media is any indication, I’m inclined to agree. From Londoners to Parisians and New Yorkers, they seem to be the latest sneaker silhouette to be embraced by the fashion set. They’ve been on my wish list for a minute, but I may just have to finally pull the trigger now.

I’ve already been steeped in the concept of name jewelry, but my friend noticed that my signet rings aren’t as interesting as the more eye-catching styles of personalized jewelry. My Canal St. name ring has been a part of my jewelry collection for almost two decades now, so I guess it will, once more, get new life in the coming months. 

On the subject of denim, Nana informed me that baggier is better. I’ve taken notice of baggy jeans’ dominance among fashion people online and designers, but I have been slow to adopt them for myself. “They look really amazing with a tight top,” she added. While she still loves good mom jeans, she agreed that more loose-fitting options feel more cutting-edge for the moment.

There’s a time and place for flat shoes, but as my BFF explained, lace-up sandals can be just as comfortable with a bigger statement. According to her, I should invest in a pair of strappy, heeled sandals pronto, and looking at her pictures wearing them, I’m completely on board. 

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