Every Time I Wear These 9 Summer Dresses, I’m Inundated With Compliments

Summer dresses are a crowded category at this point. From flowery frocks to lightweight linen styles, there are plenty of shapes and lengths to choose from, no matter your personal preferences. As a seasoned summer dress connoisseur, I quickly realized that some really just trump all the others. Welcome to my hit list of the top dresses of the season.

If there’s one wardrobe piece that I can trust more than any other to get me through the endless heat and a slate full of Google Calendar dates, it’s a chic dress. Next to my stretchy pants, it’s likely the style I repeatedly wear the most during this time of year. A big factor is the element of versatility. It’s super simple to dress up or down, and I never have to expend a lot of brain power to come out with a solid look. With that said, my collection is continually overflowing, but there are ones that I can always rely on to elicit compliments wherever I go. Ahead, keep reading to see the dresses in my closet that never miss. Expect compliments… a lot of them.

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