My Friend Has Never Bought Clothes on Amazon—I Told Her to Buy These 5 Pieces

A friend of mine recently asked me if I have ever bought clothes on Amazon. My short answer? Yes. While I stock up on household essentials from the ‘zon, I also toss in a few wearable finds from time to time—especially when my basics need a refresh. Essentially, my friend has always been curious about Amazon clothing shopping given that she could fulfill her fashion and household needs at the same time. She just wasn’t sure what was worth testing out with all the inventory. So I sent her a list (which I’m sharing with you below) that highlights the general fashion items I’ve bought from Amazon. I also tapped my fellow colleagues to get insight on their shopping lists.

Ahead, you’ll uncover five fashion categories that have great assortments on Amazon. You’ll also find a range of product recommendations if you are in fact shopping at the moment.

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