Brad Pitt’s Stylist Is Known as the French Hair Whisperer—Here Are Her Secrets

Aside from their obvious celebrity, there is another thing A-list legends like Brad Pitt, Jane Fonda, Jennifer Aniston, Orlando Bloom, and even Paris Hilton have in common: their hair. More specifically, I should say that the person who makes their hair looks so damn fantastic, French-born hairstylist, Léa Journo

As the longtime hair wizard for some of the most notable names in the biz, I couldn’t wait to meet Journo myself (for the record, she gave me one of the best haircuts of my life a couple of months back) and to pick her brain regarding all things hair health and styling like the kinds of tips and tricks typically only privy to her celeb client list.) Plus, after decades of experience in the hair industry, Journo recently launched her very own signature haircare collection which, she says, is specifically designed to streamline at-home styling while capturing that whole “elusive youthful shine, health, and softness” vibe.

Enticing, no? Even if you’re unable to visit Journo herself (her namesake salon is nestled chicly inside the Beverly Wilshire Hotel smack dab in the middle of Beverly Hills), she’s still offering up ten of her all-time best hair secrets, and a slew of her favorite styling products, just below. Keep scrolling!

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